tudor’s website

About This Website

Welcome to my website! My name is Tudor, also known on some platforms as “tudorr”.

This website is a collection of my thoughts and work, and I hope people can learn from it. I learned so many things from the internet thanks to other peoples’ personal websites, not limited to software development, and I think that it would be nice of me to contribute back. I think that keeping a blog is also a good exercise in writing and explaining your thoughts to other people, which I find a very important skill that I want to improve.


I think websites should be made with accessibility in mind, and this one makes no exception. I want this website’s content to be easy to consume for everyone, to not cause dizziness through unnecessary animations, and to allow assistive technologies to work properly. Reader mode should also work properly in the major browsers, and the content should be easy to scrape, to be consumed in feed readers for example.

If you want to suggest ways to improve this site’s accessibility, please refer to the next section about contacting me. I’m open to improvement!


If you have any questions, critique, praise, suggestions, anything, you can reach out to me through any of the means listed on the home page.

Various notices

There are no analytics on this website. There are no cookies either.

The web server’s access log saves your IP address and accessed URLs for each request, for up to 26 weeks.

How this website works

Technical information.

This website is a static website generated with Lume. It’s running on Fly.io; it’s simple, familiar technology: a container running somewhere. You can find this website’s code here.

It used to be deployed on an old small form factor Dell PC, happily eating power while chilling next to a fridge. That one still runs my other services, powered by NixOS; you can find its configs in my dotfiles.