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waitron - A client for windowchef(1)


waitron [-hv] command [args...]


waitron is the client for windowchef(1). It sends a given command to windowchef(1) as an X client message. As a result, waitron doesn't print anything on stdout.



Print usage.


Print version information.



topleft | topright | bottomleft | bottomright | middle


true values: true | t | yes | y | 1

false values: false | f | no | n | 0


up | down | left | right | north | south | west | east


nothing | focus | move | resize_corner | resize_side


alt | super


any | none | left | middle | right


window_move x y

Move the focused window y pixels horizontally and y pixels vertically.

window_move_absolute x y

Move the focused window to the position given by x and y.

window_resize x y

Resize the focused window based on the relative pixel values x and y.

window_resize_absolute width height

Resize the focused window up to width and height.


Hide the border and maximize the focused window on the current monitor. Execute it again after maximizing to revert the state of the window.


If the currently focused window is maximized in any way (fully, vertically, horizontally, monocled), return it to normal state.


Horizontally maximize the focused window on the current monitor, preserving its x component. Leaves a gap at the left and right of the monitor that can be configured. Execute it again after maximizing to revert the state of the window.


Vertically maximize the focused window on the current monitor, preserving its y component. Leaves a gap at the top and bottom of the monitor whose width can be configured. Execute it again after maximizing to revert the state of the window.


Puts the window in the "monocled" state: full screen but with borders visible. Monocle mode respects gaps.


Closes the focused window.

window_put_in_grid grid_width grid_height cell_x cell_y

Moves and resizes the focused windows accordingly to fit in a cell defined by the cell_x and cell_y coordinates in a virtual grid with width grid_width and height grid_height on the current monitor. Gaps around the windows in the grid can be added along with monitor gaps.

window_snap POSITION

Snap the window on the screen in a position defined by POSITION.


Cycle through mapped windows.


Reverse cycle through mapped windows.


Cycle trough mapped windows that belong to the same group as the focused window.


Reverse cycle through mapped windows that belong to the same group as the focused window.

window_focus id

Focus window by id. The id can be found using pfw(1) or lsw(1) from wmutils.


Focus the window that was focused before the currently focused window.

window_cardinal_focus DIRECTION

Focus the closest window in a direction, relative to the currently currently focused window. Does nothing if there is no window focused.

group_add_window group_nr

Add the focused window to the group_nr group.

Group numbers start from 0 and end at GROUPS_NO - 1.


Remove the focused window from its current group.

group_remove_all_windows group_nr

Remove all windows from the group_nr group.

group_activate group_nr

Map all windows that belong to the group_nr group.

group_deactivate group_nr

Unmap all windows that belong to the group_nr group.

group_toggle group_nr

Toggle the group_nr group.

group_activate_specific group_nr

Activate group group_nr and deactivate the rest.

wm_quit exit_status

Quit windowchef with exit_status exit_status.

wm_change_number_of_groups number_of_groups

Change the number of maximum groups to number_of_groups.

Windows that belong to a group that has a group_nr greater or equal to number_of_groups will become orphaned.

wm_config key [values...]



Information about the current state of windowchef is made available through X properties of the root window. Example:


Here is a list of exposed properties:

An integer list of currently active groups.


Configuring is done using the wm_config command. Possible configuration keys are:

border_width width

Sets the border width to width pixels.

color_focused, color_unfocused color

Sets the border color to color for the focused and unfocused state respectively. color is a hexadecimal value that may or may not start with 0x prefix. Example: 0x1234ef.

internal_border_width width

Make the first width pixels from the interior to the exterior of the border of another color, so you get two borders. The width of the external border is border_width - internal_border_width.

internal_color_focused, internal_color_unfocused color

Like color_focused and color_unfocused, but for the internal border.

gap_width POSITION width

Sets the window gap at POSITION to width. POSITION can be equal to all to set all gaps to POSITION.

grid_gap_width width

Sets the window gap value used in virtual grids to width.

cursor_position POSITION

Sets the position of the cursor when moving or resizing windows.

groups_nr nr

Sets the number of groups to nr. If nr is less than the current number of groups, window that belong to groups whose numbers are greater than nr will be mapped to screen and assigned to the null group.

enable_resize_hints BOOL

If true, windowchef will respect window resize hints as defined by ICCCM. Most terminal emulators should have this feature.

enable_sloppy_focus BOOL

Enable sloppy focus.

sticky_windows BOOL

If sticky_windows is true, new windows will be assigned to the last activated group automatically. Recommended for people who like using workspaces over groups.

enable_borders BOOL

If true, border colors will be set each time a window gets/loses focus. Setting it to false is useful when using another program to draw the borders (example: chwb2 from wmutils).

enable_last_window_focusing BOOL

If true, when the currently focused window is unmapped or closed, windowchef will focus the previously focused window. See the window_focus_last command.

apply_settings BOOL

If true, then some settings will be applied on all windows instead of newly created windows. True by default.

replay_click_on_focus BOOL

If true, when clicking on an unfocused with the intent to focus it, windowchef will also send the click event to the target window. If false, the window will receive the click event only if it's already focused.


Sets the action that should be done whenever the modifier key and the corresponding button are clicked at the same time on the window. There are 3 actions for three mouse buttons: left, middle and right.

pointer_modifier POINTER_MODIFIER

Set the modifier for pointer actions.

click_to_focus MOUSE_BUTTON

Set the mouse button that focuses the hovered window when clicked.


windowchef(1), sxhkd(1), wmutils(1), pfw(1), lsw(1), chwb2(1), lemonbar(1)


windowchef issue tracker: https://github.com/tudurom/windowchef/issues


Tudor Roman <tudurom at gmail dot com>

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  2. February 2018
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